Catering food for office parties

Corporate Catering & Office Parties

Texas Catering offers upscale corporate catering to businesses in Dallas. We can provided themed buffets and served course meals.

Office Party Catering

Hosting an office party in Dallas requires you to impress your colleagues and to show them that you are organized. In fact, a lot of times the best office party caterer in these situations is the one that is not seen. The food is there and is good, but no one is interfering with your buffet luncheon or seminar.

Upscale Corporate Catering

Corporate events are all about business and need few distractions, especially in the business district of Dallas. No one wants to be speaking to a group of people, expecting their attention, only for them to be distracted by a server refilling water glasses, for example. We understand business and the importance of great food at corporate events. Our goal is to provide as much service as you desire to avoid interference with your event. We can even offer served multi-course meals to impress your colleagues or business partners.

Types of Corporate Events we Cater

We started delivering food to mediations, arbitrations, negotiations, and other legal meetings. Since then, we've branched out to offer a wider level of corporate affairs. We can bring food to any office in Dallas, so you can have a working lunch or we can deliver dinner for those nights the office works late.

Hosting a holiday party for the whole company? We have you covered with any of our themed buffets like Mexican food or bbq catering

We are here for you and your business to provide you with every need to promote your business and advance its goals. Please give us the chance to prove we can help.

We're excited to cater your next event!

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