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Church And School Events

High schools and colleges often throw parties for students, the parents of students, beginning of school events, pre-game meals, tail-gate parties, post-game parties, homecoming dinners, pre-prom dinners and many other events over the school year.

shutterstock_65423077Texas Catering can provide food, drinks and service for all of school related events. We can prepare the perfect type of food for study parties or create and delivery study packages for high school and college students to nourish them during the month or weeks leading up to exams.

We can help you plan the party and provide event rentals, if needed. You just tell us the size, type and location of the party or event and let us do the rest. We will bring tables, chairs, plates, glasses, silverware, serving utensils and anything else you need to make your event as simple and easy as possible.

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